The Day Genesis Were Booed

Venue:         Groenoordhallen, Leidyen, Holland
Date:          October 14, 1981
Format:        cassette
Source:        audience
Sound:         (1-10) 5  Fair audience recording. Although the 
               audience gets disruptive (and loud) during a few 
               points, which make the band very hard to hear.
Performance:   (1-10) 6  Considering what Phil put up with, he seemed
               very calm, but he does bite back with a few choice
 1. Behind The Lines
 2. Duchess
 3. The Lamb Lies Down On Braodway
 4. DoDo-Lurker
 5. Abacab
 6. Misunderstanding
 7. Man On The Corner
 8. Who Dun'nit (sic)
 9. No Reply (sic)
10. Firth Of Fifth
11. Me And Sarah Jane
12. In The Cage (medley)
13. Afterglow
14. Turn It On Again
15. Dance On A Volcano (also includes Drum Duet/Los Endos)
16. I Know What I Like
Notes:         Actually, this one is quite interesting (and funny).
               The audience are mad with the band for playing they're
               recent hits.  It was rumored that the band was going
               to play 'Firth Of Fifth'.  Around 'Misunderstanding', 
               the audience starts to get rowdy (and quite loud as I
               mentioned above).  So, the one half of the audience are
               booing and the other half are yelling "Shut the f**k 
               Up!".  The band are hardly audible.
               So, after 'Firth Of Fifth' is played, the audience
               seems content, but then Phil introduces 'Me & Sarah
               Jane'.  "Anyone who doesn't like it can meet me after
               the show and I'll kick the fuc*ing sh*t out of you!".
               It sounds like Phil is joking around, because of the
               way he says it.  This is the last new song of the 
               night.  The audience is happy :)

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