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Announcing "The Moonlit Knight's Genesis Contest!!"

Well, I've been wanting to do a GENESIS contest for a long, long
time, but never had the time to  do it!  But now, I have time :)

Below, I have assembled a few categories.  You are to choose one
that  you will  have to answer  all of the  questions.  

Well, enough of this babble, let the game's begin! 
When you send an e-mail to me, the subject must read : 
If not, the e-mail will be discarded and your responce
will not be eligable.
This makes it easier for me.

MUST READ #2!!!!! :
Due to legal reasons, I will not be able to tape the albums
listed.  Therefore, I will have to drop those contests. I'm
sorry.  To those 5 who responded to Tony Banks and Phil 
Collins, I will make the tapes for you.  

I will now only be doing the GENESIS questions for Bootlegs.
Just a brief little note.  The questions get harder
as they go up in each category; therefore, question
#3 will be the toughest one.

CONTEST : Genesis Writing Credits

First off, the prize will be a copy of any of the Genesis bootlegs
in my collection (go to my trading page to view it's contents).

And on to the QUESTIONS:

 1.  Who wrote (entirely) "Heathaze"
 2.  Who wrote the lyrics for "The Cinema Show"
 3.  Who wrote (entirely) "Counting Out Time"

And this is the end of that category. 
For everyone who gets all 3 right, they all get a copy of the desired
tape!  Great deal, huh?
There have been 15 responces so far!! Get those answers in!; FAST! It's
gonna be closing soon!!!!

***************THE CONTEST IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!***************

Due to all the responces I've gotten, I am going to make this 
contest available for you to answer until the 15th person
answers!!  But, after that, it's going to get shut down for a
little while; sorry :)  I have to make about 7 or 8 tapes, and
before I can conduct the next one, I've got to make the tapes.

Just thought I'd let you know :)

I will be  conducting this contest every 15 answers!!: therefore, 
every time I get ten  responces to the one category given, I will 
then proceed on to the next category.  I will keep you updated on 
this page at how many responces I get once they come in!
To answer these questions Send Me Mail