Live In London 1/1/77

Venue:         London's Rainbow Theatre
Date:          January 1, 1977 
Format:        cassette
Source:        audience
Sound:         (1-10) 5-6 Pretty noisy recording with not all that
               much bass.
Performance:   (1-10) Being the first night of the tour, the band 
               seems very pumped up.
 1. The 11th Earl Of Mar
 2. The Carpet Crawlers
 3. Firth Of Fifth
 4. Your Own Special Way
 5. Robbery, Assault & Battery
 6. ...In That Quiet Earth
 7. Afterglow
 8. Lilywhite Lilith/The Waiting Room
 9. into Wot Gorilla?
10. I Know What I Like
11. Supper's Ready
12. One For The Vine
13. Squonk
14. All In A Mouse's Night
Notes:         The first ever show with Chester!  The set list is kind
               of goofy, they obviously switched it around later on
               the tour. The only time the band ever did the Lilywhite
               Lilith/Waiting Room/Wot Gorilla? medley.  It truly is
               great.  Beats me why they dropped it from the set.

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