Beside The Silent Mirror

Venue:         La Ferme, Belgium
Date:          March 7, 1971
Format:        cassette
Source:        audience
Sound:         (1-10) 5 Poor, muffled. Sometimes the sound distorts,
               but otherwise, it's fairly clean
Performance:   (1-10) 10 Very energetic performance! Especially on
               Peter's behalf, considering how nervous he sounds when
               he's telling some of the stories.
1. Happy The Man
2. Stagnation
3. The Light
4. Twilight Alehouse
5. The Musical Box
6. The Knife
7. Going Out To Get You
Notes:         This is the earliest known recording from Genesis.  It
               includes a lot of early gems that weren't released in
               the same form as heard on here.  'Happy' is slower
               with diffirent lyrics. 'The Light': this is the only
               recording of it.  This song later evolved into 
               'Lilywhite Lilith' as well as parts of 'The Colony Of
               Slippermen'. 'Alehouse' is a little slower and the 
               lyrics are switched around a bit. 'Musical Box' is 
               slightly diffirent from the album version. 'Going Out
               To Get You': this is one of 3 or 4 recording existing
               of this song. Peter shouts a lot during this one, so
               it's pretty hard to tell what he's singing. 
               At the beginning of 'The Light', Peter introduces a 
               diffirent song.  It's kind of hard to make out what
               he is saying, but it sounds like 'Waterlily' (check out
               the discog. for more info on The Light).  It is not
               known if this song was not captured on the tape, or
               if they just went on to perform 'The Light'. 
               There are a lot of jumps on the tape.  The recorder
               seems to have to change tape a lot, or hit the stop
               button quite a bit during the introductions.  I'd be
               willing to wager that 'Waterlily' was performed, and
               the taper just ran out of tape.
               This has to be the most interesting bootleg from any
               era of Genesis.

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