Venue:         Lyceum Ballroom
Date:          May 5, 1980
Format:        2 Cassettes
Source:        Soundboard
Sound:         (1-10) 10 The best bootleg that will probably ever be
               in existance (of Genesis' that is).  Is good in both
               treble and bass!
Performance:   (1-10)  9 A great performance with a cool setlist.  
               They even do a great version of 'The Knife'!
 1. Deep In The Motherlode
 2. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
 3. The Carpet Crawlers
 4. Squonk
 5. One For The Vine
 6. Behind The Lines
 7. Duchess
 8. Guide Vocal
 9. Turn It On Again
10. Duke's Travels
11. Duke's End
 1. Ripples
 2. The Lady Lies
 3. In The Cage/Slippermen
 4. Afterglow
 5. Follow You Follow Me
 6. Dance On A Volcano
 7. Los Endos
 8. I Know What I Like
 9. The Knife
Notes:         A great and very powerful performance from the band.
               Includes the rarely performed (on this tour) 'The
               Knife'. Phil does a great job on it and seems very
               energetic during the last couple of songs.

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