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Freddy Welcomes You to 'Freddy's Nightmare On Elm Street'

Hello!  and welcome to  my "Nightmare  On Elm Street" page.
I believe that these are some of the scariest horror movies
ever made, and I would  like to show my great appreciateion
of these movies by making a web page devoted to them.

Well, I  should probably  tell you what you'll find on this 
page; how does that sound? :)  Okay, good :)

You  will find various reviews  of the movies  (from  movie 
guides that I have).  Various pictures.  Some  sounds, some
links.  And, I might even  construct a poll here and there!
and whatever else I might come up with soon!

I will update this page as often as I can!  

Freddy welcomes you ... so please begin.

And, here is a list of things to do on this site ...

Information on all of The "Nightmare On Elm Street" movies
Pictures From The 'Nightmare' movies
Reviews from the 'Nightmare' movies
My 'Nightmare' poll
'Nightmare' links
Freddy's Banner Links
Go here to find out about Freddy Krueger

...a couple of other things to do...

My Nightmare guestbook
Info. on the 'Nightmare' web-ring
Send me an e-mail!
I'd like to thank the all of these people, without whom I never would 
have been able to finish this page :)
The Umpteenth Doctor
Dave ('s SuperGroovy Nightmare Page)
Jay ('s Nightmare Page)

Freddy counts you as Number To Visit His Site