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Peter Gabriel

Digging In Europe '93

Venue:         Rotterdam (NL)
Date:          April 27/28, 1993
Format:        CD
Source:        Audience/Soundboard
Sound:         (1-10) 6/9.  The songs from Us are recorded from the 
               audience (6) but are pretty good nonetheless.  The 
               songs that aren't from Us (9) are recorded from the
               Soundboard and are excellent.
Performance:   (1-10) 10.  An absolutely wonderful performance!  A lot
               better than the concert used for SWLive, if you ask me!
 1.  Games Without Frontiers (5:05)
 2.  Solsbury Hill (5:13)
 3.  Shock The Monkey (5:45)
 4.  Come Talk To Me (6:15)
 5.  Steam (7:13)
 6.  Blood of Eden (5:56)
 7.  Kiss That Frog (4:48)
 8.  Digging In The Dirt (7:06)
 9.  Sledgehammer (4:57)
10.  In Your Eyes (9:57)
11.  San Jacinto (5:32)
12.  Secret World (6:13)
Notes:         This one was a pleasent surprise!  I wasn't expecting
               to enjoy it so much!  Some of the songs are slightly
               edited, but the editing is excellent and it's difficult
               to place where it has been edited!  Some of the songs
               fade in during the audience is still applauding.
               To sum it up : A real treat!

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