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...send me to the congo...

"...send me to the congo..."


'...send me to the congo...' is a compilation of b-sides, demos, live recordings etc taken from singles from Genesis' latest album Calling All Stations. I have been working on this for quite some time now ...getting singles,etc... and it is now available..

Copies will be made upon request (but still only 20 of them )

Please note: SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED I am only making 20 copies of this, and as soon as the 20th is gone, there will be no more originals in existance!

I am quite aware that selling a bootleg is illegal. I do not wish to take sales away from Virgin or Atlantic records by selling this compilation. I only wish to give fellow Genesis fans the chance to hear songs that are usually very hard to find.

'...send me to the congo...' information.

To be released sometime in the middle of March/end of March. I will be charging 7.00 US$ for one cassette. This covers shipping, the tape and processing. Also, I will have to ask any foreign customers to add 1$ to the price. To find out how much the exchange rate is, visit ... 164 Currency Converter by OANDA. There you will be able to find how much the price will be. Please notify me of the price.

'...send me to the congo...' is taped on a high quality TDK or Maxell XLII cassette and comes with graphic and track listing with each cassette.

Track listing

 1.  Papa He Said
 2.  Banjo Man
 3.  Phret
 4.  7/8
 5.  Anything Now
 6.  Sign Your Life Away
 7.  Run Out Of Time
 8.  Congo (single edit)
 9.  Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/Follow You Follow Me/
     Not About Us (extended)(all live/acoustic)
10.  No Son Of Mine (NASA/live/acoustic)
11.  Not About Us (NASA/live/acoustic)
12.  Lover's Leap (NASA/live/acoustic)
13.  Turn It On Again (NASA/live/acoustic)

If you would like to order a copy, please Send Me Mail!

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