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Welcome To "The Fugitive" : A Tony Banks page

This is one of few existing Tony Banks pages on the WWW.
Here you will find lyrics to all of Tony's albums, info.
about him, a quiz (all of the questions asked on it are
available on this site, you'll just have to look around)
and much more!

Just scroll down and choose a selection and you'll be on
your way!

Lyrics to all of Tony's albums
Find lyrics to all of Tony's albums (or songs).
Information on Tony
a Quiz on Tony
Test your knowledge on Tony
Info on Tony's album
A Tony Banks mailing list
I run a Tony Banks mailing list. Go here to find out how to join.

You are Tony Banks fan number to visit this site since it opened on October 16, 1997

Send Me Mail ...: ...about this site. Tell me what you think about it! I'm open for suggestions :-)