The Moonlit Knight's WANTED BOOTS

Below is a list of bootlegs that I would like to obtain a   
copy of and would be more than happy to trade for a copy.  

Shades of Dawning (3/24/72)
Live In Pavia (4/15/72) (I would trade 2 boots for a copy of this one)
More Fool Me (4/24/74)
The Lamb Descends On Waterbury (12/12/74 along with rehearsals
     at Headley Grange)
The Lamb Lives (75)
A Living Story (77)
Live In NYC (7/29/78)

Anything from the Trespass/Nursery Cryme/Foxtrot tour.
Anything from the Lamb tour.
Anything from the Trick tour.
A show from the Duke tour that includes Back In NYC.
Anything interesting from ATTW3 tour (preferabley including Ballad
      of Big, Down & Out or other rarely performed songs on this
Anything interesting from ABACAB tour (stuff like Me & Virgil, Like
      it or Not, Paperlate, No Reply At All (with EWF horns)
Anything from the Mama tour.

Any Peter Gabriel bootleg (preferably earlier; first 2 albums)

I am also looking for boots from the following artists ...

... R.E.M. (any boots)
... Talking Heads (preferably earlier, but any would be great)
... David Byrne (any would be great)
... Barenaked Ladies (any)

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