released in 1977
Tony Banks - Mike Rutherford - Steve Hackett - Phil Collins

ELEVENTH EARL OF MAR (Banks/Rutherford/Hackett)

The sun had been up for a couple of hours
Covered the ground with a layer of gold
Spirits were high and the raining had stopped
The larder was low, but boy that wasn't all

  Eleventh Earl of Mar
  Couldn't get them very far
  Daddy!  Oh, Daddy, You Promised

Out on the road in the direction of Perth
Backwards and forwards in a circle they went
Found a city half open and ready to greet
the conquering heroes with blisters on their feet

  Eleventh Earl of Mar
  Somehow got them all this far
  Daddy!  You promised, You promised

See the Stewart all dressed up
He's got eyes in the back of his head
Who came in a cockleshell boat
That  could only just float
Couldn't even lift a sword
Dressed too fine and smelling of wine

Daddy you've got to go!
Here comes the bishop all dressed up
He's gonna bless you if you're ready to pay
One wave of his funny old stick
There's a band of light accross your eyes

Waited a week still they hadn't appeared
That glorious timing that everyone feared
So they're riding along on the crest of a wave
They're headed for London, and that will be their grave

  Eleventh Earl of Mar
  Well he couldn't get them down that far
  Daddy!  I'm waiting, I'm waiting

  Time to go to bed now
  Never seems too keen
  To be guest now
  In a house of dreams

  Flying from a hillside
  Beckoning th trees
  A sailor's awning
  Mimicking the breeze

  I'm fighting gravity falling
  My daddy won't let them get me
  A voice screams seems to be calling
  The face turns features are burning

Daddy, you've got to go!
See the fifteen going by
Tell the Lairds and the Lords
They're runnng backwards today
And once again you stand alone

Bury your memories, bury your friends
Leave it alone for a year or two
Till the stories go hazy and the legends come true
Then do it again.  Some things never end

  Eleventh Earl of Mar
  Won't be going very far
  You promised, you promised, you promised


Fifty thousand men were sent to do the will of one
His claim was phrased quite simply, though he never voiced it loud
I am he, the chosen one

In his name they could slaughter, for his name they could die
Though many there were who believed in him
Still more were sure he'd lied

Then one who's faith had dies
Fled back up the mountainside
But before the top was made
A misplaced footfall made him
Stray from the path prepared for him
Off of the mountain
On to a wilderness of ice

This unexpected vision made him stand and shake with fear
But nothing was his fright compared with those who saw him appear
Terrror filled their minds with awe

Simple were the folk who lived
Upon this frozen wave
so not surprising was their thought
This is he, God's chosen one
Who's come to save us from
All our oppressors
We shall be king on this world

  Follow me! 
  I'll play the game you want me
  Until I find a way back home
  Follow me!
  I give you strenght inside you
  Courage to win your bttles

No, no, no, this can't go on
This will be all that I've fled from
Let me rest for a while

He walked into the valley
All alone
There he talked with water and then with the vine

They leave me no choice
I must lead them to glory or most likely to death

They travelled cross the plateau of ice, up to its edge
Then they crossed a mountain range and saw the final plain
Still he urge the people on

Then, on a distant slope
He observed one without hope
Flee back up the mountainside
He thought he recognized him by his walk
And by the way he fell
And by the way he 
Stood up and vanished into air


Go far enough and you will reach
A place where the sea runs underneath
We'll see our shadow, high in the sky
Dying away in the night

I've sailed the world for seven years
And left all I love behind in tears
Won't you come here, whereever you are
I've been alone long enough

You, you have your own special way
Of holding my hand keep it way 'bove the water
Don't ever let go-Oh no, no no
You, you have your own special way
Of turning the world so it's facing the way that I'm going
Don't every, dont ever stop

Who's seen the wind, not you or I
But when the ship moves, she's passing by
Between you and me, I really don't think
She knows where she's going at all

You, you have your own special way
Or carrying me twice round the world
Never closer to home than the day
The day I started

You, you have your own special way
Hold onto my hand keep it way 'bove the water
Don't ever let go-
no no no

What mean the dreams night after night
The man in the moon's a blinding light
Won't you come out whoever you are
You've followed me quite long enough

You, you have your own special way
Of holding my hand, don't ever let go
You, you have your own special way
Of turning the world so its facing
The way that I'm going, Don't ever
Don't ever leave me

WOT GORILLA? (Banks/Collins)



Loving Couple:
'I can't see you but I know you're there
Got to get beside you cos it's really cold out here
Come up close to me you'll soon be warm
Hold me tightly like we're sheltering from a storm"

'Think I might go out for a stroll
Into the night and out of this hole
Maybe find me a meal
Walking along this new shag pile
Presents a problem all the while
Nearly the door'

Suddenly he bumps into wood, the door is closed
A voice from the bed, he'll be exposed
Which way to run, must make for the hole
The light's been turned on, he's blind as a mole in coal

'Now I can see they're coming at me
They've blocked off my door, I haven't a chance in hell'

'Come on baby, let the poor thing go
I'm not sleeping with that thing around here, no!
Alright then, I'll fetch a box from below
Guard him carefully, they're very quick, you know'

'The door's been opened my chance to escape
Must run out quick, better sorry that late
I'm out on the stairs
They won't catch me now, I've the run of the house now
I'll make it downstairs into the bread bin
That would be nice'

Suddenly he bumps into fur, that's very unwise
A cat is much quicker than men and their eyes
The chase that ensues can have only one end
Unless outside help steps in for our friend in need

But now the cat comes in for the kill
His paw is raised soon blood will spill, yes it will

'Hard luck, mouse, this is the end of your road
The signpost says inside me, let me bear your heavy load'
But it's not to be, the final pounce
Knocks a jar upon his head, lays him out
But its' all in a mouse's night
To take on all those who would fight

Cat's Story:
'Thre I was with my back to the wall
Then comes this monster mouse
He's ten feet tall, with teeth and claws to match
It only took one blow'


Dark and grey, English film the Wednesday play
We always watch our queen on Christmas day
Won't you stay?

Though your eyes see shipwrecked sailors, you're still dry
The outlook's fine, though Whales might have some rain
Saved again

Let's skip the news boy (I'll make some tea)
Arabs and Jews boy (too much for me)
They get me confused boy (puts me off to sleep)
And the thing I hate-oh Lord!
Is staying up late to watch some debate on some nation's fate

Hypnotised by Batman, Tarzan still surprised!
You've won the West in time to be our guest
Name your prize!

Drop of wine, glass of beer, dear what's the time?
The grime on the Tyne is mine, all mine, all mine
Five past nine

Blood on the rooftops-Venice in the spring
the streets of San Francisco-a word from Peking
The trouble all started-by a young Erol Flynn
Better in my day-oh Lord!
For when we got bored, we'd have a world war, happy but poor
So let's skip the news boy (I'll go and make that tea)
Blood on the rooftops (too much for me)
When old Mother Goose stops-and they're out for 23
Then the rain at Lord's stopped play
Seems Helen of Troy has found a new face again

...IN THAT QUIET EARTH' (Banks/Rutherford/Hackett/Collins)



Like the dust that settles all around me
I must find a new home
The ways and holes that used to give me shelter
Are all as one to me now

But I, I would search everywhere
Just to hear your call
And walk upon stranger roads that this one
In a world I used to know before
I miss you more

Than the sun reflecting off my pillow
Bringing the warmth of new life
And the sounds that echoe all around me
I caught a glimpse of in the night
But now, now I've lost everything
I gave to you my soul
The meaning of all that I believed before
Escapes me in this world of none, no thing, no one

And I would search everywhere
Just to hear your call
And walk upon stranger roads than this one
Ina world I used to know before
For now I've last everything
I gave to you my soul
The meaning of all that I believed before
Escapes me in this world of none
I miss you more


Phil Collins:  Voices, Drums, Cymbals, Percussion
Steve Hackett:  Electric Guitars, Nylon Classical, Electric and 12
                string, Kalimba, Auto-harp
Mike Rutherford:  Basses, 4, 6 and 8 string, Electric and 12 String
                  Acoustic gutars, Bass Pedals
Tony Banks:  Steinway Grand Piano, ARP 2600 and Pro-Soloist 
             Synthesizers, Hammond Organ, Mellotron, Roland String
             Synthesider , Fender Rhodes Piano, etc.

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