Dancing With The Moonlit Knight's Genesis Bootleg Trading Page

Last Updated 3/31/99: Plea for boots from other bands :)

If you have any boots from any of the following artists, please e-mail me and we can set up a trade ...

R.E.M. , Talking Heads , David Byrne , Barenaked Ladies.

Go here to view my list of Wanted Boots.
 1. Beside The Silent Mirror
 2. Live In Basel, 1972
 3. Roma, 18 Aprille 1972
 4. This Planet's Soil
 5. Offenbach 1/31/74
 6. Live In Montreal
 7. Awed Man Out
 8. As Though Emerald City
 9. Swelled & Spent
10. Los Endos In Fort Worth
11. Live In London 1/1/77
12. Before Riches
13. ...And Then There Were Four...
14. Live From The Mouth Of The Monster
15. Super Golden Radio Show's #34
16. Musica
17. The Day Genesis Were Booed
18. The Lamb Woke Up Again
19. Fugitives From Justice - The MAMA Tour
20. Live At The Skydome
21. Peter Gabriel - Digging In Europe '93

My Rules For Trading

1.  Use Maxell XLII
    Type tapes.
2.  Don't write anything
    on the J-card.  Mail
    me and I will send 
    you a case liner
3.  These tapes are not
    for sale, only for
4.  I am sometimes willing
    to trade 2 tapes for 1.
    SONGS!! I will warn you
    if a song is cut on my
    tape.  This is how I
    received it.
6.  Enjoy the tapes :)

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Send Me Mail: If you would like to trade, mail me!