I Know What I Like : My Favorite Links / Non-Genesis links

Below is a list of all  my favorite links that don't  have
to do with Genesis.  All of these pages are worth checking
out, or else I would not have put them here :)  So, please
take the time to go to these.

Mike Kronewitter's Short Stories and more: Mike writes short stories that are very, very good. I strongly suggest reading these.
herbie73's Home Page: A friend of mine's (through e-mail) page with his Genesis collection, stories about his kids and more
The Name Of This Site Is TAL KI N GHE ADS: The practically official Talking Heads web-site. There's everything here!
Natalie Imbruglia - Diving In The Deep End: A great page for the great singer with sound clips, photos (!!) and much more!
The Dilbert Zone: The official Dilbert web-page with lots of entertaining things to do.
Barenaked Ladies: Actually, they are all fully-clothed men :) A great site with a discog., info on the band and a lot more.

I will be adding many more soon. I'm just pretty busy as of right now. MORE TO COME!!